When the CEO brings you an envelope and tells you not to worry your mind casts over recent days, to open it and find a thank you letter for 10 years service was a complete surprise, 10 years is a very long time but for me it hasn't felt that long at all!

I still vividly remember the phone call confirming I was successful, and my jaw dropping when they said I didn't have to work weekends or bank holidays. Having worked shifts previously covering all days of the year I didn't know what to do with myself on my first bank holiday, that's definitely not a problem for me now. 

When you join a local Citizens Advice you have aspirations of making a difference, at that time I had no idea as to the difference it would end up making on me. My local office is more than a place of work, it's a community of everyday people doing extraordinary work to make things better. It's not easy but it is incredibly rewarding, I am a better person for it and proud to be part of the WCA team.


I've seen many changes and am grateful for the opportunities WCA has afforded me, including returning to college to support my career progression with our services. A particular highlight was managing our first digital apprenticeship programme which led the way to more opportunities for new apprentices to join us is in various roles. 

I started on a 18 month contract, I managed to miss the exit and am excited about what comes next! I have to give my thanks to every individual that I have ever worked with for making my 10 years great!

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